Conintento Consulting

Purpose over Profit

Conintento Consulting was built to meet real business needs that won't create new financial problems.  Yes, we are a for-profit organization, but that isn't what drives us to innovate, automate, and accelerate programs and processes for our clients.  We want each client that engages with our firm to see a tangible change.  That purpose motivates us to have intentional conversations about what the business needs, and we don't apply a one-size fits all approach.  

Our objective is to work ourselves out of a job.  Our clients' business is to manage their operations; ours is to make that easier and more effective.  We make money by making the client's job easier.  The faster we can do that in a sustainable way where we are no longer needed, the more of these projects we can take on.  We won't rush, but since we don't bill hourly, our clients don't have to worry we'll drag the project out to pad the bottom line.

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