Pricing Structure

As a for profit organization, we are incentivized to price above cost, but that isn't what motivates us.  We want to help our clients fix real business problems and find creative solutions that consider who they are and what they uniquely want to accomplish.  

Competitors typically bill by the hour, but we want to empower our teams to get the job done with as little disruption for the client as possible.  Below are general guidelines that we use to determine each project's pricing.  We highly value transparency, so we want you to be able to make decisions with as much information as possible.  


Travel takes our team members away from their families and also incurs tangible costs too, so this will increase the price of the project.

Team Engagement

The more your team is involved will improve the quality of the project, but can also take much more time to provide the requested outcome.  As a result, the higher the time commitment and quality of work, the more the project will cost.


The quicker you would like the project completed may mean we have to say no to other clients who would like to engage us for different projects.  You will see our opportunity cost captured within the shorter time frames.