About Us

How We Started

Dreams are often born out of adversity, and Conintento Consulting was no exception. In the midst of global crisis, a seed was planted that would begin to grow into a vision for what could be produced from an attitude of service and a background of expertise.

What would happen if organizations and their third parties (including consultants) started aligning their priorities together, if instead of competing, they collaborated? What would happen if we pierced the functional silos and established cultures of transformation and innovation? Could we help organizations that typically can't afford the price point of leading firms, get access to knowledge that will help them achieve their dreams? Can we re-write how projects are planned and billed to encourage innovation and efficiency over billable hours?

We wanted to try. And so we have. Today we offer services that enable our clients to build sustainable programs that support and protect their growing businesses, and we do it in a way that doesn't strain their finances. Our team members are excited about learning and finding new and creative ways for each situation based on years of experience.

Kirstie Gust-Van Liew

As our founder, Kirstie established the vision the firm now follows. As a daughter of small business owners, she wanted to take the experience she had gained at leading companies and share that knowledge with organizations that typically wouldn't have access.

Kirstie has more than ten years of experience advising Fortune 500 companies in process and program design, implementation, improvement, management, monitoring, and auditing. With previous employers including KPMG and McKinsey & Company, Kirstie has built her career as a trusted partner for organizations across industries.

Kirstie specializes in Operational Risk Management, Third Party Risk Management, Fraud Prevention, Finance and Accounting Processes, and Strategic Alignment.

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